This blog is about children in the foster care system, how do they get into the system, why they are there, how long they will stay there, and How we can support them in their time of need.

This blog is also about Foster Parents, why they become foster parents, how they become a foster parent, the changes they go through as a foster parent, and how they help children in the system feel “AT HOME”!

I was asked to create a blog for one of my school assignments, we could write on anything topic, so I choose Foster Care. The reason I choose this subject is because, I am a foster parent. I support and applaud people who take on this responsibility. Taking on other children who are not yours is not easy. It takes time for the children to get adjust and vice versa.

Being a foster mom is an amazing experience. It makes me feel proud that I am able to help children.  I am able to provide them with my love and affection. I am able to teach them respect, help them with educational needs, and much more.

I hope after reading this blog you find it in your heart to foster or  adopt children in the foster care system. They need your love and support. For more information on adoption please visit www.adoptuskids.org/




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